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From full home remodeling to adding a room onto your home, Blum Services has you covered.

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Services We Offer

Blum Services is a full service home remodeling company that looks after everything from home design to completion of your project. We offer an extensive range of home remodeling services to homeowners looking to transform their spaces into something extra-ordinary.

Home Remodeling

With over 2 decades of experience working on home building, we have the right service professionals to meet your needs. Our home remodeling services cover bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, basement refinishing, and much more.

Home Renovations & Additions

Do you feel the need to add another room in your home? At Blum Services, we have the right skills and expertise to make necessary additions to your home. Whether you need to enlarge your kitchen or add another bathroom, we are here for you.

Windows and Doors

If you don’t like the way your current home windows and doors look, get them replaced with the help of our experts. Our design experts will conduct a tour of your home and depending upon the design, look, and feel of the interior and exterior, we will choose the perfect windows and doors for you.

Kitchen Remodeling

At Blum Services, we believe kitchens to be more like living rooms where you can hangout, eat, and chat with your family. So, if you want the heart of your home to look flawless and be functional at the same time, take help from our team of experts who will design your kitchen the way you like.

Bathroom Remodeling

Whether you want to add more space to your bathroom or simply want to change its look, we have the right people on our team to help you. We will turn your bathroom’s look around with the right fixtures, tiles, and interior, giving the look that you desire.

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