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Blum Services has been building dreams as a North Carolina remodeling contractor since 1991.

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About Blum Services

Blum Services, Inc., is a North Carolina state licensed General Contractor specializing in remodeling, additions and new construction since 1991.

Initially, the business consisted of Andy Blum, President of Blum Services, and his father, Gilbert (a 50-year carpentry veteran), from whom Andy received much of his training. Eventually, due to the quality of skill and workmanship employed, business increased, carpentry staff added, and Blum Services evolved into the design/build firm of today. Blum Services strives to stay on the forefront of the building industry through membership in both the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), as well as the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI). Andy is one of only six (6) Certified Graduate Remodelers in North Carolina. He has also earned his Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist designation in 2005 and has just earned his Certified Green Professional designation. In assuming the role as a “Green Professional”, Andy will always work diligently to reduce the environmental impact of his projects by incorporating appropriate green practices into his work.

Andy has brought together a fabulous team of professionals. Lead by Production Manager, Bracy Bahm, who learned his carpentry expertise from his mother. From early childhood, Bracy’s mother was a cabinetmaker and taught him her skills. With the talents of both Andy and Bracy and those of a multi-layered team of lead carpenters and carpenters, Blum Services utilizes proven carpentry techniques and new building technology to bring our clients an end product of which they are always proud.

The Design / Build Process

The Initial Contact

A potential client contacts Blum Services, Inc. At that time, you will be asked for information regarding your needs and wishes and the general scope of the project. If unavailable at the time of the initial call, Andy Blum will call back and establish a mutually equitable meeting time and an appointment will be established.

The Initial Meeting

The first meeting is held at the home of the potential client. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the project in more detail, exchange ideas, determine the budget and evaluate site conditions. Information will be acquired in order to develop a design plan (if the client does not already have plans for the design) or an estimate if plans are provided. A design / build contract will be presented at the second meeting if it is determined that Blum Services, Inc. can be of assistance.

The Second Meeting

The design / build contract will be presented giving the scope of the plan determined at the initial meeting. The specifications will be given during the design phase. If the design contract is acceptable to the client, a retainer will be paid at signing to begin the process. If the client presents plans, an estimate, detailed specifications and construction contract will be presented. Upon signing of the construction contract, a deposit will be made to begin construction.

The Design Phase

The objective of the design phase is to produce a set of plans and specifications incorporating the client’s needs and desires. Several initial design options are presented as we endeavor to best meet the client’s needs. One is selected by the client and developed into a complete set of plans and specifications as well as a detailed budget summary and payment schedule. Several other services are provided in the design phase including complimentary research of site issues such as zoning, septic and well location and variance requirements, complete measurements of the home if house plans are not available and the entry of the home and renovation plans into computer in order to aid the design process.

The Construction Phase

The construction phase begins upon the signing of the contract and scheduling of the project. Throughout this phase, the client is kept informed of the status of the project and deadlines for product selections. We remain attentive to our client’s wishes. Change orders are used as changes are requested. Our staff and subcontractors are committed to quality and craftsmanship. This commitment to the highest standards enables us to bring our client’s dreams to reality.

Are You Ready to Build or Remodel Your Home and Don’t Know Where to Begin?

The biggest underlying problem with remodeling is failing to thoroughly plan your project. No one plans to fail, but many fail to plan. An experienced design / build firm like Blum Services, Inc., guide you through the very complex process of renovating your home. You definitely DO NOT start a remodeling project by getting three estimates.

First of all, you must have a concrete set of plans and specifications in order for you to accurately compare bids. Bids done without clear plans can leave out items that you think are included or can have inadequate allowances on products which make the bids appear to be a better price when, in fact, they will lead to more money out of your pocket.

Secondly, you need to choose a designer with both design talents and construction experience and expertise. Blum Services, Inc. has a wealth of construction and design expertise that we will put to work for you. We will show you cost effective design options of which you may not have been aware as well as point out potential construction concerns. Blum Services, Inc.’s talent produces plans that are both beautiful and functional and reflect the homeowner’s individual personality.

Blum Services Provides:

  • Customization of all projects to each clients individual specifications.
  • Computerized estimating, job costing, accounting and project management.
  • Financing available or Finance/Lender assistance/coordination upon request.
  • Project quality increases clients financial investment.
  • Published list of client references.
  • Workers Compensation and Liability Insurance policies in effect.
  • Professional construction management ensures the quality, financial, safety, occupancy, startup and related project objectives are met.

This means you get the job you want, in a timely and professional manner!

We are proud to announce to our valued clients, both long-term relationships and new, that we now provide an added layer of comfort for our homeowners. We have begun both pre-employment and random drug screening for our staff, as well as pre-employment background checks. The belief that our homeowners be protected is foremost in our thinking. A sense of well-being is vital when workmen are in, out and around your home. Blum Services, Inc. is one of the few companies in our area offering this peace-of-mind service to our clients.

The Blum Services Guarantee

We pledge to use our knowledge and experience, combined with creative design and durable products, to produce home improvements of lasting value. We are committed to achieving total client satisfaction.

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