They have great integrity. They have done a great job. The pricing is very good. They are very prompt. When they say they will be here, they are here. He has a very high quality of work.

Jeff S.

I Had A Water Leak Somewhere That Was Causing Water To Pool In The Ceiling Over My Office Downstairs When It Rained. This Went On For Years Getting Increasingly Worse. From The Builder To Insurance Adjustors And Other Contractors, I Had Several People Attempt To Find The Leak To No Avail. Mr. Blum Responded Immediately And Readily Found The Problem. I Had A Faulty Window Upstairs That Was Allowing Water Underneath The Siding. This Eventually Rotted The OSB Board Allowing Increasing Amounts Of Water To Find Its Way Through The Floor And Ceiling Joists. By The Time Mr. Blum Found The Problem, It Had Gone On For So Long That The Ceiling In The Office Had To Be Removed, Replaced, And Repainted. Of Course, He Also Removed The Siding And Fixed The Window And OSB Board. Very Responsive, Great Work! I Hope That I Don't Need Him Again, But I'll Definitely Give Him A Call First If The Need Arises.

Michael O.

We don't have a final figure from Blum Services yet which is fine, but the thing I liked about them was that they were extremely thorough as far as doing more then just walking in and making a few measurements and laying down a figure. They paid attention to the codes and the age of the house and a number of things. I would just say that the overall process as far as them coming out and not only knowing the business but doing a little extra work just to see what can and can't be done was pretty impressive. They're putting together the final figures and we have one other company to hear, but Blum Services are definitely in the running.

The crew arrived on time and did an excellent job. Mr Blum stopped by frequently to check on his crew. When the work was done they cleaned area. Price was fair. I would not hesitate to use Blum again.

Karen M.

Andy gave us exceptional service. His workers arrived on time and worked to complete the job professionally and quickly. THANKS for a job well-done!

Katherine S.

Was very prompt. I felt comfortable with them on my property. Work was done quickly and they cleaned up all debris. Price was reasonable.

Karen M.

Let Me start by saying a lot of this work was done under the house which is hard and difficult work, cramped, hot and dirty! Andy Blum gave Us a detailed estimate of the work to be done, it was easy to understand and by talking with Andy for a few minutes, We knew, He was Contractor that could be trusted to do the repairs to Our Home. We agreed on the cost and set-up a date for the work to begin. on that day, Andy introduced Us to the two men who would do the work, Fred and Bobby, the work began! these two are very professional, hard working, knowledgeable, They were always on time and explained in detail what They were doing and They worked all day,every day they were working on Our Home. Fred fixed so many little problems that were unforeseen before the work started that it wasn't funny, You would almost think it was His house He was working on, that's the level of dedication You like to see of the person working for You, He didn't take short cuts, He did things right! All the work was done two days ahead of the scheduled date set for completion, at the estimated price. Andy Blum came by everyday to check on the progress and quality of the work, answered questions, gave Us a status report on every detail and just let Us know He cares! This is the very best Contractor I have ever dealt with, anytime We need work done it will be with Blum Services Inc

william A.